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HBQ Affiliate Program


Home Biz Quiz makes it possible for you to promote yourself and any businesses you may wish to promote and allows HBQ to be an ''attractor factor'' tool for you.

It is a wonderful feeling knowing that you are helping others as you promote yourself rather than wrongly doing what most of the other marketers are doing. Effective marketers give before they receive and they build up relationships with people, which is the cornerstone of effective marketing.

The Home Biz Quiz was designed and developed to help people find out if they are cut out for their own home business. It was also designed to educate people about the process of choosing a home business, thus our four critical step portion of the quiz. The Home Biz Quiz was uniquely developed so people could make necessary changes of certain factors so they can increase their probable success rate. For others, it will save them much time and money if they feel business-building is beyond them. For you, as a Home Biz Associate through our affiliate program, you can actually make money with your own Home Biz Quiz website.


I have made it possible for you to promote your own main website, of which you would like to have people who you attract to you look at. If you haven't already taken the Home Biz Quiz, go back and take the quiz now so you can how it works.

Another benefit is the training you will receive as I show you how you will become the expert and how you will maximize your marketing efforts through what is provided to you.


This particular website could easily go for $30 - $50 a month because of itís powerful appeal to people. That is $600.00 yearly to have a website that attracts people for you and also promote you as you help others. Lon Lindsey, HBQ developer decided that his way of helping people would be to make this site affordable to anyone who wants to market on the Internet. He knew $15.00 - $30 monthly would be more affordable, but he said ''why should I charge a large monthly fee when Iím doing something I love so much.'' Thatís why he decided to have a very reasonable yearly charge and to set up an affiliate program that would actually allow people to make money rather than just spend money. For only $59.95 YEARLY (thatís only $5.00 monthly), you can be a Home Biz Quiz associate and reap the benefits of such.


The Home Biz Quiz affiliate program is based on a two tier commission payout. For each person you refer who becomes a HBQ associate, you receive a $20.00 commission. For each person your first tier people refer who becomes a HBQ associate, you receive a $10.00 commission.

So, letís say you refer just five people monthly who become HBQ associates and they each do the same. That will provide you an extra $3,600 yearly in supplemental income just for doing something you would be doing anyway as you build your own major focus business. HBQ becomes a natural additional income for you to support you in your business-building efforts. Keep in mind, you are not limited to how many you can refer so the sky is the limit. If that isnít enough, consider those people you bring into your major focus business having the HBQ tool to help them build their business just as it is helping you build your business. That is duplication at its finest.


As a Home Biz Quiz associate, you get:

  1. Your own Home Biz Quiz webpages making you your own expert.
  2. To promote your chosen business or website to those who take the HBQ.
  3. An additional way to attract people to you so you can build your own in-house, opt-in list.
  4. Another income stream via the HBQ Affiliate program.
  5. An administration page in which you can choose your personal or company name and slogan as well as a choice of templates for your own personal HBQ look.
  6. Complete training on how to maximize your use of HBQ and access to other information on how to effectively build a business and market on the Internet.
  7. A membership in a caring group of fellow entrepreneurs who help each other.

This is easily a $500 - $1,000 yearly value, just what HBQ will do for you and your business as well as what it will do for others, but your cost is ONLY $59.95 and is good for a full year.


Be sure you understand our terms of service. These are in place for the protection of our users and our host and must be adhered to.

If you would like to become a Home Biz Quiz associate, click here now!

Lon Lindsey
Biz Quiz Developer

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